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« 于: 十二月 13, 2017, 03:15:05 pm »

– AFCThe nomination of the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Dr James Rose, as Chairman of the Integrity Commission is a despicable act on the part of the nominator.This is according to Chairman of the Alliance For Change, Khemraj Ramjattan, who made it clear that he was not personally attacking Dr. Rose. He pointed out that it is a well known fact that Dr Rose is a staunch People’s Progressive Party activist,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, and was even on the party’s electoral list during the last two elections.For this reason, Ramjattan believes that with Dr Rose at the head of the Integrity Commission, there will be no independence. “It shows the arrogance of the person that nominated him…he (Dr Rose) will be told what to do.”AFC Chairman Khemraj RamjattanHe added that there should be a national condemnation of Dr Rose being appointed to the Integrity Commission, which is supposed to be a body operating independent of any directives, such as the recent one given by President Jagdeo wherein he sought to have the commission publish the names of the defaulters.Dr. James Rose is the former Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Guyana. He was the Executive Chairman of the National Trust of Guyana (1999 to 2000), and he served as an academic tutor at the University of North London (1990 to 1993).Dr. Rose holds his PhD. in History from King’s College in London; has a Diploma in Social Work, and is the holder of a Class I, Grade I, Trained Teacher’s Certificate.As part of his work experience, he served as a primary school teacher (1958-1967),Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, headed the Industrial Arts Centre (1963-1967), was the Senior Housemaster of a Boys School in Essequibo (1961-1971), and later went on to serve as a Probation and Welfare Officer (1971-1982).The President, in a recent press briefing in relation to claims by the opposition that there was no consultation on the members of the Integrity Commission,Wholesale China Jerseys, said that, to the best of his knowledge, the leader of the main opposition party has been consulted on the members of the Integrity Commission.He said that the nominee for the new chairman of the Commission is now Dr. James Rose, while Fazeel Ferouz will represent the Muslim community. Reverend Nigel Hazel will represent the Christians, and Savitree Sukhai, the Hindu populace.The President told media operatives that these names were supplied to Opposition Leader Robert Corbin, and he has acknowledged their personalities but has asked for the curriculum vitae of the persons to assess their qualifications.The President said that he was hopeful that the request was not another attempt to create a fiasco, but added that the CVs will be made available to the Opposition Leader.He did point out, however, that, “In this case he does not have to agree, since there is a limitation to consultation.”But,Cheap Jerseys China, in a press statement yesterday, the People’s National Congress Reform said that the Jagdeo Administration responded to the call by the party for “a forensic audit into the assets acquired by senior Government officials and corrupt business people, which bear no relationship to their incomes and earnings,” by claiming that the Integrity Commission is capable of carrying out such a function.“This was no more than an attempted diversionary tactic.”According to the party, the role of the Integrity Commission is part of the institutional mechanism for stamping out corruption by public officers,Cheap Jerseys 2018, and the commission is not mandated to investigate other prominent and corrupt members in society.“The Jagdeo Administration knows this, and is therefore guilty of trying to protect those who benefit, in particular, from the proceeds of the narcotics trade, organised crime and other illicit activities.”The party said that it was of the belief that attention should be refocused on these individuals. “The party reiterated its call for a forensic audit into the assets of those individuals who cannot legitimately account for them.”It added that it is no surprise that the Jagdeo Administration has done everything it could to remove the focus from “these individuals, as most of them are well known supporters of the Administration and the PPP…No one should be above the law, especially if their activities are likely to undermine and rupture the moral and social fabric of the society.”The party also emphasized that, in making the call for a forensic audit,NFL Jerseys China, the PNCR asserts its lack of confidence in the presently constituted, weak and under-resourced Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).“The FIU is clearly yet another of the paper organisations created by the Jagdeo PPP/C Administration to placate donors and provide employment for its cosseted cronies,”The PNCR said.
The China-World Forum in English
« 于: 十二月 13, 2017, 03:15:05 pm »

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