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By Leon SuseranThe People’s Progressive Party/ Civic took its message to New Amsterdam on Monday evening at a public meeting held at Freedom House Square. One of the party’s major promises to the citizens of the town was that the squatter settlement of Angoy’s Avenue shall have electricity under the new PPP Government.The Guyanese leader dispelled claims that the Berbice River Bridge would be moved from its current location due to problems being encountered. There was no mention of who made the claims.“They said we wanted to move the bridge out of New Amsterdam because we didn’t like New Amsterdam,NFL Jerseys Supply,” he noted. He told the crowd that a study by a French firm dictated the most suitable site of the bridge should have been at Everton along the East Bank Berbice corridor.“But when we looked at the travel time, it would take almost 30 minutes to come around and the cost of building the road, it was not feasible; we had to choose that site…that bridge serves the people of New Amsterdam too”.He told the gathering that the PNC does not care about New Amsterdam. He said it is the same PNC who has Winston Felix on its platform “who was caught on tape trying to plant drugs on a young lady who worked in [Robert] Corbin’s office”.He alleged that Felix, a few years ago, helped to divert attention from the real killers during the Agricola Massacre.Jagdeo said that he knows the town has had difficult times. He noted that the PPP/C Government has been fostering development within the town “even when the Mayor was opposed to it”.Touching on one of the largest unregularised areas in the country, Angoy’s Avenue, popularly called ‘Cow Dam’,NHL Jerseys From China, Jagdeo blamed the Mayor of New Amsterdam, Claude Henry, for helping to stagnate the process to regularize the squatter settlement so that further development can take place.“When we went into Angoy’s Avenue, he [Claude Henry] said the president doesn’t have jurisdiction in New Amsterdam. When we started to make changes there. Imagine this jackass,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, telling me, as president of Guyana,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, that I didn’t have jurisdiction to go and meet my people, wherever they live, whether in Angoy’s Avenue or Port Mourant or Paramakatoi. But we didn’t bother with him; we started to fix things in Angoy’s Avenue,” he noted.He spoke about a group who went to court to block the regularization of the area. Because of this, to this day, Angoy’s Avenue does not have electricity, even though some residents in the area steal current. “In spite of the court case, we went ahead and built roads and put in facilities there.”“Every single home shall have electricity—everyone, including Angoy’s Avenue!” he said much to the appeasement of the crowd.“Everything in this town has been done largely because of government support. Ask Debbie Backer, Granger,Wholesale Jerseys China, Ramjattan when they came here, what they offered New Amsterdam,” he noted.He promised that the Bauxite operations in the Berbice River should grow from 1.2 million tons to 5 million tons by 2015, and to 10 million tones by 2018; “because we have already concluded this agreement with Rusal”.He said that this would provide thousands of jobs for New Amsterdam to get all the bauxite out.Jagdeo stated that “the road from Brazil will terminate right here in New Amsterdam in a Deep Water Port and that will allow us to ship large quantities of goods into Brazil…warehouses being developed here so that the Brazilians can store goods here and ship them out”, he posited.He said that the PPP has got rid of the PNC legacy… “a deep hole that they dug for us, we have filled back their hole”.Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar, told the gathering that the energy sector, through the Hydro Project, can become a sector of itself. He accused the PNC of “hiding from their past …and record, so they call themselves APNU and they get a hand; that hand is to put a slap in you,” he posited.Ramotar said that the reason the PPP/C kicked Ramjattan out of the party was because “when he became a member of the Central Committee, Janet Jagan and I invited him to the office to tell him we were not happy with the cases he was taking.”“He was defending all the known suspected big drug lords in Guyana, and we said to him,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, ‘that is going to bring bad name to our party, you should stop’. He was very angry and walked out of the meeting”, he noted.Ramotar said that it was Rupert Roopnarine “who prevented the government in 2006 from carrying out an investigation into the murder and assassination of Walter Rodney”.

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« 于: 十一月 14, 2017, 09:25:23 pm »

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