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Reporters from various media houses across the country were caught off guard on Friday when the GeorgetownDirector of Medical and Professional Services,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Dr. Sheik AmirPublic Hospital Corporation (GPHC)’s Director of Medical and Professional Services, Dr. Sheik Amir, started to insult them.The reporters had approached the medical staff for an interview after being told that patients were turned away from the national referral hospital on Thursday last when the prisoners from Camp Street prison were rushed there suffering from burns as a result of the unrest at the prison.Dr.  Amir launched into a tirade. The reporters all stood there wondering what caused him to behave in such a manner.At one point he told the reporters, “So you would not have studied journalism and I am aware of that…but let’s act like we did.”“That is a stupid question,” he said in response to a query.He literally shouted at a female journalist to put her camera down when she raised her hands. He was in his domain. The bewildered woman simply did not want to put her camera on the floor and was simply trying to rest it on the lap.When Amir first entered the room for the interview,Cheap Authentic NFL Jersey, instead of asking the reporters not to record immediately, he yelled on top of his voice at them like little children.“Stop recording! Who is recording? Stop recording!”One of his medical colleagues said that Dr. Amir is an “arrogant man” and that he would usually behave in that manner.“We are journalists and he knew we could report on his behaviour and he still behaved like that. Imagine if a normal person, let’s say a patient at the hospital, went to him to ask something, how he would behave,” one reporter said.When a recording on the doctor’s outburst was played to other medical personnel at the same hospital, they were in no way surprised.“We always get complaints about our doctors but when you have these doctors working under someone, who himself,Cheap Sittched Jerseys China, does not know how to speak to people,NFL Jerseys Outlet, then it is no surprise,NFL Jerseys Cheap,” the doctor said.Another related, “He is the Head of Professional Services. At least he could have behaved in a more respectable manner. This is giving all the doctors at this hospital a bad name. I listened to the recording; no questions were asked so I am still puzzled about what angered him to that extent. Maybe he has issues at home or he was having a bad day.”Minister of Public Health,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Dr. George Norton could not be reached for a comment yesterday.
The China-World Forum in English
« 于: 十一月 14, 2017, 02:12:45 pm »

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