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作者 主题: moncler sans manche Sogou mobile phone assistant open Christmas activities a wav  (阅读 11 次)
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« 于: 十一月 11, 2018, 11:33:15 am »

(original title: Sogou mobile assistant to open a big wave of Christmas events are being hit Christmas gift)
, December (Xinhua) 23 - Christmas, what do you think of the white beard of Santa Claus? The sale of goods glowy a superb collection of beautiful things, the Christmas tree? However, the true meaning of Christmas is far more than these.
 take time to 1914, once the most famous Christmas in modern history, in the "Western Front battle", 100 thousand Anglo German armies to lay down their arms together to celebrate the festival, everyone singing carols, sharing chocolate and wine, or even a football match, the cruel battlefield so there is a the warm heart of christmas. This is the famous "Christmas truce" event, embodies the Christmas represents the good meaning of the pursuit of happiness, to share the good.
 in China, Christmas has become a popular culture, especially popular with young people. Although the 88% Chinese playfully and just Christmas, but if you are not careful when the true, the result may be very serious, you will face the children disappointed eyes, girlfriend stern manner blackface, of course, there may be lost mobile phone Sogou assistant carefully prepared a luxury gift.
 as Wang sector and the APP sector double warm male, Sogou mobile phone assistant will prepare a surprise for the majority of users in every special day, such as National Day Chongzou "classic route of Busan", the Mid Autumn Festival "battle five Jen moon" fun game etc.. Christmas and certainly no exception,http://www.hotelinhongkong.net/E_GuestBook.asp, during the period from December 23rd to 25, Sogou mobile phone assistant will open Christmas "trench ceremony party", a wonderful little game, massive rich prize, with the majority of users to share the happiness and joy.
 during the event,http://www.ilcavalieredellavallesolitaria.com/tiki-view_blog_post.php?postId=1442&offset=60&find=&sort_mode=6d_d&comments_parentId=8237&comments_maxComments=1&comments_style=commentStyle_plain/, mobile phone assistant Sogou login click Christmas special, you can participate in the "Christmas trench ceremony party games.
  mobile phone Sogou assistant "Hao Li big party", like how to play on how to play
  mobile phone Sogou assistant "trench ceremony party" for everyone to prepare a variety of premium gifts, such as: totakethat Fuji Polaroid camera; free drink Starbucks coffee Starbucks Christmas star credit card; the amount of mysterious Christmas lucky red envelopes.
  mobile phone Sogou assistant "trench ceremony party" prize of
 in the mobile phone Sogou assistant "Hao Li big Christmas party" during the event, each user has the opportunity to draw 3 times every day. Open the mobile phone assistant Sogou can enjoy "treasure hunt" to draw a gift.
 Sogou mobile assistant as well as the most popular game, the most popular applications, a powerful garbage clean-up, a full range of software power, traffic, security, privacy 1
                    (原标题:搜狗手机助手开启圣诞活动 一大波圣诞礼物正在袭来)
中新网12月23日电 提到圣诞节,你会想到什么呢,红衣白胡子的圣诞老人?琳琅满目的特卖商品,绚丽夺目的圣诞树?不过,圣诞节的真正含义远不止这些。
不妨把时间拉回1914年,近代历史上最著名的一次圣诞节,在“一战”的西线战场上,英德两军10万人一齐放下武器欢庆节日,大家高唱颂歌,survetement moncler,分享巧克力和美酒,甚至进行了一场足球比赛,残酷的战场上因此有了一个最暖心的圣诞节。这就是著名的“圣诞休战”事件,体现了圣诞节所代表的美好寓意――追求幸福,分享美好。



(原标题:搜狗手机助手开启圣诞活动 一大波圣诞礼物正在袭来)
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« 于: 十一月 11, 2018, 11:33:15 am »

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