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作者 主题: manteau canada goose femme pas cher Go to Japan to buy 10 Super cosmetics _ NetE  (阅读 26 次)
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Afghanistan Afghanistan

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« 于: 十一月 07, 2018, 04:22:45 pm »

(original title: go to Japan to buy 10 kinds of super cosmetics )
 Japan cosmetics is not only good quality, high safety, and low price, so it has been the world's ultra high evaluation. But it is almost impossible to buy overseas. This is the selection of 10 kinds of products like this can only be purchased in Japan, and particularly good super cosmetics ". If you have the opportunity to go to Japan should consider starting,http://www.bjfshfe.com/E_GuestBook.asp.
&middot,http://xfpa.xf.cn/guestbook.asp; ATORREGE AD+ 3500 yen
  cosmetics special medicinal sensitive muscle with 7 kinds of functional ingredients and moisturizing ingredients to prevent dry skin, give skin moisture at the same time to improve the fundamental causes of skin problems.
· Bambi Wink 2500 yen
 Japan first inhibit hair growth, increase specific nutrition cilia elongation. Among the major bloggers and beauty home has become a hot topic, after the 2016 MADE BEAUTY AWARD award was awarded in.
COSME DECORTE Emulsion 6000 yen
 quickly and thoroughly removes old horny and acidified sebum. Due to easy to consider the factors that can reduce the burden on the skin.
· ELIXIR enriched cream 8000 yen
 all the pioneering technology, can also penetrate the dermal and epidermal stem cells,manteau canada goose pas cher, make the skin produce 3 kinds of collagen and hyaluronic acid may be.
Episteme C Dual Energy15000 yen
 world's first collaboration with advanced ingredients PQQ. Focus on "time science beauty", so that your skin is closer to the skin in sleep.
· K V lotion 7000 yen
 in the @cosme was selected as the make-up water department of second whitening moisturizing lotion. Based on the clinical experience of the famous beauty Department of Dermatology doctors, with vitamins. Can also be used in beauty instrument.
· Love Liner
 is a Japanese beauty YouTuber, INS Reds almost everyone has a "God Eyeliner", a day without halo, won the cosme awards department first Eyeliner Eyeliner eyeliner, super Lotte market department first 19 crown.
· MINON Amino Moist moi;

·ATORREGE AD+ 3500日元
·Bambi Wink 2500日元
日本首款抑制体毛增长、增加睫毛伸长的睫毛专用营养食品。在各大博主和美容家之间也成为了热门话题,之后在2016年荣获JAPAN MADE BEAUTY AWARD审查员奖。
COSME DECORTE Cleansing Emulsion 6000日元
·ELIXIR enriched cream 8000日元
Episteme C Dual Energy15000日元
·K Cocktail V lotion 7000日元
·Love Liner
·MINON Amino Moist moist charge milk
·Reveur Fraicheur 980日元
·TAKAMI Skin Peel 4950日元
The China-World Forum in English
« 于: 十一月 07, 2018, 04:22:45 pm »

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Georgia Georgia

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India India

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« 回复 #2 于: 九月 13, 2019, 12:00:41 pm »

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