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« 于: 八月 01, 2019, 05:11:44 pm »

Although the window of the cold window is a metaphor, how many young people are watching the night watch, the family is ruined, the same scholars, some of them are good, and everything goes well; some readings not only do not change their destiny, there is no official and a half. In the post, I have not made a fortune, and I can��t be cynic in my own way. I am ashamed of the world. Many people are silent. Many people are displaced from their hometowns. In order to have a good job, many people have no problem but I have been studying for nine years. I love reading, I want to study, I want to study, I dream of reading, but I am not a scholar, because I have not been through the cold window for ten years, and I have not gone to a higher school, even if my heart is high, I can��t read poetry. Poetry, even more can not write the birth, influential articles, the readers let me envy, those writers let me think about their famous day and night, fate let me study tirelessly, let me keep writing, let I am honest and right, no matter what, more reading to increase the knowledge, think more about increasing your own treasure, as a chef In any case, there is no way to change this fact. Therefore, what I am looking forward to in my life is also my hobby. That is to become a self-recognized amateur literary hobby writer who went to school at the age of eight, less than seventeen years old. I left the school, and the house in the back of the college entrance examination often did not go to school on time. When I was in high school, the second-year junior high school students and the third-year students entered Gaoyi to study together. The teachers in the classroom were satisfied, those excellent. Students like geniuses have not learned the prophets, and our group often feels powerless. As a student with good grades, of course, it is only hard work, getting up early, sleeping late, and wishing to graduate from high school. After going home, the books become everyone's toilet paper. For a long time, I have not cared about this matter with reading. I have been wandering outside for many years. Occasionally, I was told in the village that I went home to teach my pupils. I know that some people on the road have said that others have replaced themselves Newport Cigarettes Coupons. So, from then on, I not only blush, but vowed not to participate in those jobs, but also Go that little bit of literary taste, also lose what little respect Yen. I thought that in the same year, the teacher in the classroom shouted to go to the podium to read the words, because the teacher felt that the article was good, but the writing was scribbled. For many years, the word writing was not a knock on the door. Now, without a family, there is good news at home. The government recruited a group of cadres, and a group of people who took financial meals at the financial office were once ignored by snakes. In order to reduce their troubles, they decided to enter the chef industry. I am not only interested in literature, but also like to eat and drink. Grasping the chef's straw, as long as I finish my little hobby in this world, I am satisfied Marlboro Cigarettes. Therefore, I am dedicated to the chef. Whether it is economic or technical, I can say that I have used the pot paper for decades. The pot �� ��, oil and salt sauce vinegar is the text, the hot pot is the central idea, the big dish is the paragraph, the side dish is the symbol, where I sing a pen, a beautiful poem, beautiful gallery is brought to the world by people, The orange-yellow skin is a notebook, which records my own vicissitudes of life. Today I learned a success. Although I can��t officially graduate, I still have a good time. , Did not affect the national diploma, chef made me, I love the chef, the next life expense! However, I stepped into the setting sun Carton Of Cigarettes, but my hair was white and wrinkles were more, and I was still the one, my heart was tender, the glasses were bright, the body was good enough, and I was able to toss, my interest at dusk was relieved, so I revisited the place. Originally, I was so happy, I couldn��t bear the hobby. Nowadays, there are scholars everywhere, poetry and calligraphy are everywhere, and the guests who eat are all gentle and respectful. The idle people on the road spit the lyrics, which is very elegant, that is, those who sell the computer play computer all day long. Write a diary, give yourself, the railings around the Gonghe River are engraved with Tang poetry and Song poems. I am like a drunken person who sees wine. I am unable to clean up the day and stroll around me. I want to take care of that hobby. I can't help but keep up with the trend of the times. I think about it, I am embarrassed, and I have changed the chef's usual practice. I took the guests to cook the dishes. When the guests left, they wrote poetry and assignments. One day after another, they went to Zigui, as long as they were satisfied. There is no such thing as he asks, but when he closes his eyes, he feels that it is not right. It is unfortunate, and it is wrong. I am looking forward to the progress of me. I just look forward to happiness, and I am happy to come to an article. In this perfect world, unfettered, but also to have a hobby why not? Poetry
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