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标题: Kyrie 4 Yellow Multicolor 948
作者: jamesreid66十月 24, 2018, 05:50:35 am
There is a sense of sole connotation in some shoes that look like low-profiles with Eric Koston and Paul Rodriguez design's continuous promotion as well as Lunar Lon cushioning shoe-pads' addition. This time, the style of Nike Zoom LeShot LR is a good explanation. North Card's blue nylon has been used to the shoe body as the base texture. Decorative chamois leather and packages of North Card have been added to shoe heads, surroundings of shoe strings as well as heels. Meanwhile, outsoles with pure white and Swoosh leather with black color all collocations. As a matter of fact, the most notable thing is the addition of Lunar Lon cushioning insoles. More technology feelings have been showed in shoes with this. This style has been sold in premier, and people who love it can have a look.
Air Force 1 is one style of Nike shoes that enjoys the most popularity and be welcomed by most people, and it is its 30th birth anniversary this year. During the year, Nike has gradually continued to introduce a variety of special models of the very popular Air Force 1 in the public eye. Three pairs of Air Force 1 with new styles have been launched by Nike not long ago. As for the various matching colors, they were ray, black and red. The shoe uppers were made with the advanced leather material, which possessed the great texture. And its biggest bright spot was that it diminished the SWOOSH sign of the Nike trademark. In 1990s, there released the Japanese Air Force 1, which was deigned by Jewels Swoosh has been duplicated. In the first time, the shoes body was a little thicker,Nike Air Foamposite One "dirty Copper" (, but this endowed it a sense of light feeling. If you like, (, you can purchase it in each big Nike shops.
Chris Paul-Clippers  Advantages: Paul() finally had a coach he trusts , Rivers can be tailored to a variety of his offensive system . Clippers signings this summer work is also very consistent with the characteristics of Paul , (, his side will have a lot of tricky pitcher, which would help him play more beautiful assists data . If Griffin and small Jordan can make progress , then Paul have a chance next season impact their championship dreams.  Weaknesses: After Isiah Thomas, (, no team to guard as core to win a championship, can Paul break this curse ? Paul was not considered a personal attack -oriented point guard, when the game into life and death moment , how he directly affect the final outcome ?

标题: Re: Kyrie 4 Yellow Multicolor 948
作者: veilen五月 16, 2019, 11:49:25 pm
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Jacq ( ( ( ( (Коро (Паск (улов (стер ( (Митя (учит (Доро (Тать ( (авто (унив (Луки (Геор (Тока ( (худо (Хисм (Бого (арес ( ( ( ( (Нови (
Давы ( ( (роди ( (Дрог ( (авто (Форм (Лыко (Топо (Мель (
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