da xue ying yu - ni chi le ma? Have you eaten yet? Everything about China in English, including blogs, pictures, videos, a forum and much more. 英文的所有关于中国的东西,包括博客,图片,视频,一个论坛和更多的东西 Blogs|Forum|Pictures|Videos|Jokes|Contact da xue ying yu - ni chi le ma? Have you eaten yet? Everything about China in English, including blogs, pictures, videos, a forum and much more. 英文的所有关于中国的东西,包括博客,图片,视频,一个论坛和更多的东西
The China-World Forum in English
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没有新帖 Quarantine
New members must post here to prove they are not spammers before being granted access to other areas of board.
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没有新帖 English Speaking University Students 说英语的大学生
Online class content for English speaking university students. 讲英语的大学生的网上课程内容。
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最后发表 作者 barryhurt23
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没有新帖 Chinese Entertainment and Culture 娱乐和文化
Anything about culture and entertainment can be found here. 所有关于娱乐和文化的内容可以在这里找到。
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子版块: Music 音乐, Pictures 照片
没有新帖 Chinese Food 食物
Recipes anyone? Talk about your favorite dishes and places to eat here. 有菜谱吗?谈论你最喜欢的菜肴和饭店。
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最后发表 作者 aubrey54
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今天 04:39:24 pm
没有新帖 Internet, Games and Technology in China 因特网,游戏和技术在中国
Addicted to the internet, WOW, CS? Discuss those and your favorite sites here. 沉溺于网络, WOW, CS? 讨论他们和你最喜欢的网页。
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最后发表 作者 bryon238
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没有新帖 Jokes 笑话
Don't be so serious - share, read and discuss jokes. Sense of humor required! 不要太严肃?共享,阅读和讨论笑话。幽默感是必需的!
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最后发表 作者 danjabbar92
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子版块: Jokes from DaXueYingYu
没有新帖 General Discussions about China 概要讨论
Free talk is free, come on in! 自由倾谈, 等你参与!
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没有新帖 Health and Fitness 健康和适切性
In a competitive society one needs to stay healthy. 在竞争激烈的社会中我们需要保持健康。
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最后发表 作者 lylenewman57
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没有新帖 Sports 运动
My team is better than yours! Anything about sports goes here. 我的队比你的强!任何关于运动的话题都可以在这讨论。
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最后发表 作者 bryon238
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子版块: Shijiazhuang Football (Soccer)
没有新帖 Travel in China 旅行
Planning a trip? Get advice here, maybe also find travel partners. 打算去旅游吗?来这听取建议,或许你还能找到搭档呢。
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没有新帖 Welcome Area for new members 欢迎新成员加入
New to the forum? Introduce yourself here to let us know more about you. 刚加入论坛吗?介绍你自己让我们知道关于你更多的信息。
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没有新帖 Retired Boards
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子版块: Accomodation, Services etc. 住宿,服务等。, General Discussions (Beijing) 综合讨论(北京)
没有新帖 General 概要
Anything and everything about everyone's favorite topic. 所有关于每个人的最喜欢的主题。
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最后发表 作者 danjabbar92
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没有新帖 Meeting Room 会议室
Want to meet someone - this is the place. 想要与某人相识吗?这里是最佳地点。
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最后发表 作者 kyledean17
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今天 04:44:35 pm
没有新帖 General 概要
Anything in general about school life. All levels. 与校园生活相关的话题,不分级别。
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最后发表 作者 aubrey54
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今天 04:35:47 pm
没有新帖 Graduate 研究生
The joys of being a student (for an even greater amount of time) can be discussed here. 作为一个学生的乐趣(甚至更长的时间)可以在这讨论。
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最后发表 作者 lukeclark18
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今天 04:58:23 pm
没有新帖 Undergraduate 本科生
BS in what? The joys of being a student can be discussed here. 你的专业是什么?作为一个学生的乐趣可以在这讨论。
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最后发表 作者 benito860
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今天 04:59:03 pm
没有新帖 Exchange Advice and Ideas 交换建议和想法
Have a question? Get an answer. Have experience and knowledge? Help others. 有问题?可寻找答案。有经验?请帮助他人
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最后发表 作者 tywright51
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今天 04:46:08 pm
没有新帖 Market Area 市场区域
Bargain, negotiate, sell, buy - hopefully everyone can "win." 议价,谈判,买或者买--共赢是可能实现的
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最后发表 作者 timhardy87
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没有新帖 Job Board 工作区域
Advertise any jobs here for free. 在这登有关工作的广告是免费的。
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最后发表 作者 bryon238
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今天 04:44:34 pm
没有新帖 Chinese to English 中文转英语
What does "萝卜青菜各有所爱" mean?
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最后发表 作者 Domenic467
Euro 2018-2019 Soccer Cl...
今天 04:38:24 pm
没有新帖 English to Chinese 英语转中文
"To each his own" 是什么意思?
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最后发表 作者 lukeclark18
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今天 04:59:15 pm
没有新帖 Miscellaneous 集锦
wtf, lol, lmao, brb???
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今天 04:54:20 pm
没有新帖 Chinese practice.
If you're trying to learn Chinese, then you can use this board to practice.
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最后发表 作者 aubrey54
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今天 04:32:13 pm
没有新帖 Guest Board 游客公告区
Non-members can post here without registering or logging in. 非会员可在此发帖, 不用注册或登陆
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