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You need to
register to get
posting rights on the
For help with
registration, click here.

You need to be
logged in, to have full
access to the forum including posting rights.
For help with logging in, click here.

Now that you have registered and you are logged in, you can change your
profile to Chinese, or you can
challenge yourself and leave the forum information in English. For help to change the language to Chinese, click here. Please
note, that changing the language does not affect the actual posts written on the forum, but only things like the forum
menus etc.

We suggest starting with a new
topic to introduce yourself. To start a new topic, first you need to go to the
appropriate board. In this case, that would be the “Welcome area for new members.” Click “New topic.” You need to
fill in the
subject line, anything such as “Hey, this is Hugo” is fine - any subject you choose is ok. In the
message body you can say whatever you like about yourself. Once you have written everything that you would like to say, you can click ‘post’ to
submit your
thread, or you can click ‘
preview’ to see what your submitted thread will look like, and then click ‘post’ once you are

After you have introduced yourself, maybe you can
jump to your profile to
modify your information. Near the top of the forum there is a
navigation menu. picture of the china-world forum in English’s menu… click ‘profile.’ What you see here, is also what other members will see when they view your profile. To edit your profile information go to “forum profile information.” Here you can change your profile picture. You can select from our
limited list of pictures, or you can add your own. To add your own picture, you have two
options. If you already have a picture online and you know the
exact url, you can
input this where you see “I have my own pic” If you wish to
upload a picture from your computer, select “I will upload my own picture.” click
browse, find the
desired picture and finally click open. You can also add some personal text if you like. This is simply a short message that will
appear under your profile picture. If you like, you can share your birthday, location,
gender, and other information. You can also add a signature which will appear below all of your posts. If you have a website, for example a profile or a blog you can also share this in your profile. You need to choose a title (EG: Resident Alien – a blog about my life in China) and then specify the complete
url ( Once you have made all the
desired changes to your profile click ‘change profile’ and your information should be

At this point you can check to see if any other members have replied to your
introductory thread. Near the top of the forum, where your profile picture should now be visible, click “show new replies to your posts.” What this does is that it shows any
unread posts that were made after any of your
posts, regardless of whether your post was the first or last in any thread. This is a good way to
keep track of who has
responded to your questions, comments etc. If there are any new replies, they will be shown by each thread’s subject. If you click on the thread’s name you will be taken to the fist post in the thread. If you click on ‘new,’ you will be taken to the first unread post of the
particular thread. Therefore even if 10 more posts were made since you last
viewed the thread, you would be taken to the first and not to the last of those 10 posts.

So you already know how to start a new thread, but do you know how to reply to a post? To reply to something you can use the ‘Quick Reply’ window if you do not need to
attach a picture. Therefore you can simply type your message in the quick reply area and then click post once you have written what you would like to say. If there is a particular post you would like to reply to, you can use the
‘quote’ function . Find the post you would like to reply to, and then click ‘quote’ which can be found on the right side. This will
automatically populate the quick reply area. If you want to quote more than one post, be sure to do this before you type anything in the quick reply area
otherwise whatever you
previously typed will be lost. Another
alternative is that you can use the member’s
username. EG: (@Sophie – I disagree with your last post, because…)

Advanced posting
You can change the color of the
text. To do this,
highlight the text you would like to change, then
select your
desired color from the
drop down box that says ‘Change color’
There are other options such as making text
underlined etc. As above,
highlight the text you wish to change, and then click the
function you wish to

If you would like to
include a video from youtube, you can use the youtube
icon youtube icon, and between the
tags you place the video code. For more about this, please see this thread: Youtube Video Embedding.

To include a
hyperlink you can just type the complete
url, or you can use the [url]
tags. You need to
place the url after the
opening tag, and then the
anchor text for the link between the tags. For example, if you want to link to a blog you would do something like this:
[url=]First Day of Class[/url] This would look like this when it is posted on the forum: First Day of Class. Please note that you need to place an equals sign (=) before the complete link in the opening url tag.

If you would like to
attach a picture to a
post, there are two ways to do this. If there is a picture online that you would like to
include in the
body of your post, you can use the [img] tags. Just click on ‘img’ and then place the exact url of where the picture is
located between the tags You should end up with something like this: [img][/img] which when posted to the forum will look like this:

You can also
attach a picture after your post. To do this you first need to click 'reply' then below the area where you type your message you should see something that says 'additional options' You then need to
search/browse your computer for the location of the picture. Finally just click post and the picture should be
attached below your post. Please note that with this
method you cannot use the quick reply feature.